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Heating and Cooling

A heat pump absorbs the low grade warm air generated from outdoor air and compresses it using the refrigerant in the heat pump to increase the temperature. DBS Ltd offer installation of heat pump systems in Watford, Enfield and the surrounding area.

Heat pumps are very easy to use and there are a number of manufacturers available on the market to help get you started. However, once the system is setup, it very rarely needs adjusting.

Control of the system can be as simple as a thermostat to control the adjustment and radiators to help spread warmth around the building. We can also install a bespoke, fully functioning BMS (Building Management System) allowing you to control the entire heating system remotely.

Air to air heat pumps


Air to air heat pumps extract the warm air from outside and increase its temperature using a compressor built into the system and distribute it to the radiators within the property.

Air to air heat pumps use the same equipment as traditional heating and commercial heating system, for example, both traditional systems and heat pumps use the plumbing, radiator and under-floor systems already in place. However, instead of a boiler, a hydro box is used to distribute the outdoor heat around the property.

Pumps in

We carry out design and installation of heat pump systems for businesses in Watford, Enfield and the surrounding areas.

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