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Air conditioning systems are excellent and efficient at improving air quality in all types of buildings. Whether situated in the home or professional offices, they have the ability to maintain suitable humidity levels, as well as cool air temperatures during warm summer months.

Owning an air conditioning unit makes sense if you are a hay fever sufferer. Any micro-organisms, dust, pollen or mould are quickly removed through a filtering process that leaves air fresh and breathable. Constantly ventilating the air in your work or living space, prolonged hay fever symptoms are something you no longer need to suffer. An air conditioner can take care of that in the simplest way possible.

Filtering The Air

One of the great benefits of air conditioning systems is that they capture particles in the air automatically. With a filter located in the duct system or return grille, the airflow is kept clean and dirt-free. Circulating air from outdoors to indoors and back outside again, air conditioners provide effective ventilation which is essential for personal comfort and well-being.

With rooms adequately ventilated, the risk of contaminants accumulating in the air is significantly lowered. Rather than opening windows and allowing natural air movement, an air conditioning system halts the entry of allergens and pollutants into your indoor environment. On days where plant pollen counts are high, air conditioning dramatically reduces the chance of allergic reaction by purifying the air.

Good health equates with good air quality. At DBS Services, we understand the importance of air conditioning, and can service and replace filters to keep your air clean and cool on an on-going basis. With air-bound impurities removed, you can work and enjoy your day without sneezing or itchy eyes. Air conditioners really can help to reduce the risk of hay fever, so could it be time you had one installed?

Good Air Quality

To breathe in clean air with an air conditioning system, we offer a fantastic range of air conditioners at DBS for any purpose – commercial, industrial or domestic. With full back up support, experienced staff and the best advice, having constant clean air supplied to your home or working environment is easier than you think.

Please contact us today for a quote, free advice or to arrange an appointment for maintenance on your existing system. It’s all about good ventilation so you can have the clean air and good health you deserve every day.