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The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme is a government incentive that rewards businesses for investing in energy saving equipment and practices.
Managed by the Carbon Trust, the ECA allows businesses to claim tax relief on certain environmentally friendly technologies, up to a one-off saving of 100% in some cases. There is also the potential for additional savings through reductions in Climate Change Levies or CRC payments.
Investing in efficient equipment can have a more immediate impact on your business too, as you see a reduction in your energy bills. Consumer demand for environmental consideration continues to grow year on year, so your brand image will also gain credibility as you are seen to take a practical approach to the issue of sustainability.
Here at DBS Services we have seen huge changes over the years as more and more emphasis is placed on energy efficiency in the workplace. In line with these changes, we can provide heating and cooling systems that conform to ECA requirements, enabling you to apply for the benefits of the energy scheme.
We pride ourselves on a reputation of unparalleled excellence in providing heating and air conditioning services across Watford, Slough, Enfield and the South East area. So take a look at the testimonials from our many satisfied customers, and contact us today to see how our service can benefit your business.
If you’d be interested in finding out more about eligibility for the ECA scheme and how to make a claim, visit the Energy Technology List website.