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Posted on by Eddie Barker

Photos from the gruelling 13 kilometre run with 21 obstacles, completed in 2 hours and 13 minutes by Service Supervisor Ben Stanley, Project Manager Jamie Kehoe and Contracts Manager Richie Hollis. They came a respectable 1,174th out of over 3000 competitors, significantly higher than if Service Manager John Herbert would have joined the team!

Ben Spartan Hurdles 1 Ben Spartan Hurdles 3 Ben Spartan Hurdles 2 Jamie Rings 1 Jamie Hurdles 2 Jamie Hurdles 1 Richie Rings 1 richie hurdles 2 richie hurdles 1 Spartan Finish Main Spartan finish 2 Spartan Finish 3 Spartan finish 4 Spartan finish 5 spartan finish 6