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Refrigeration units play an important role in a wide range of businesses, right from hotels and restaurants to grocery stores and other food-related businesses. If you operate a business where you have to keep food safely and hygienically, you definitely need a refrigeration unit. However, choosing the right refrigeration unit for your business is absolutely key to ensure business efficiency and minimal running costs.

We, at DBS Services, have listed down a few things that you should consider when looking for the right refrigeration unit for commercial use.


There are many types of commercial refrigeration units available in the market. These include walk-in freezer rooms, refrigerated cabinets, chillers and cold rooms, amongst others. Which you need depends entirely on what kind of business you’re running, and the size of your operation. A walk-in freezer room may be ideal for a large restaurant, whereas refrigerated cabinets and chillers may be more appropriate for retail units.


It is imperative that you choose the right size based on the needs of your business. Incorrectly choosing the size of your refrigeration units can lead to increased costs (in the initial outlay, as well as your long-term running costs) if the unit is unnecessarily large, or ineffective cooling if your overall units are too small – it can affect your business’s output, and limits your revenue potentials by restricting the amount of produce/stock you can store.


Just choosing the right type and size is not sufficient; it is important to choose the right installer too. That is why we here at DBS Services suggest you opt for an experienced and qualified installer, like us, who can give you the necessary assurance when it comes to the installation.

We have several years of experience in installing all types of refrigeration units in different commercial locations. Our extremely strong relationships with leading manufacturers allow us to source high-quality refrigeration units to suit our customers’ needs. In addition, our units are durable and sustainable, and we also offer regular maintenance and service of refrigeration units.

If you’re looking for the right refrigeration setup for your business, as well as a reliable installation company to get everything fitted, then look no further than us here at DBS Services. Call us today, or email us using our website’s online contact form, for more information on our products and services.