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Whilst you may be struggling to keep the office cool at the moment, unfortunately you have to begin to consider that winter is just around the corner; and with this rather dull and dreary season comes the colder temperatures. When this happens it’s vital that as a business owner you are confident you’ve done all you can to ensure your workers are kept comfortable in the workplace, this includes ensuring that the temperature is always at a stable level (you don’t want staff sitting in their coats and scarves at work!) One solution is to invest in air to air heat pumps in Watford from here at DBS Services, why? Read on to find out more.

How Do They Work?

An air to air heat pump is an environmentally friendly way to heat your property; they make the perfect heating system for a business that is aiming for greener ways. They use the same equipment as standard heating systems would, however instead of using a boiler (often the most un-efficient area of any system) they utilise technology with a hydro-box.

The process begins by extracting warm air from outside (don’t worry about the temperatures plummeting it’ll still be warmer than the interior!) the temperature of this warm air is then increased using a compressor which distributes it throughout the property via a number of radiators.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a number of benefits to a business investing in an air to air heat pump and you’ll soon reap this from the moment you have one installed. Energy efficiency is something many are trying to improve, and you can rest assured that these will enable you to do just that in an instant. Furthermore, they are quiet; so you needn’t worry about large units making unbearable whirring noises as you try to work, and they are easy to control- with a thermostat and radiators you’ll be able to ensure your property stays warm and comfortable throughout (no cold patches!)

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