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If your business deals with food it is essential that it is preserved correctly and at the right temperature. This can be a difficult task, especially in a hot kitchen where a lot of food is likely to spoil. Here at DBS Services we can help with that. We offer installation, service and maintenance for refrigeration equipment for business and commercial properties.


Walk In Freezers


Having a walk in freezer can seem like an unnecessary purchase, however the cost of food that could potentially go to waste will soon make your investment worth it. In addition to this, money can also be saved from buying in bulk, as you will be able to sufficiently store your food products in a temperature controlled environment.


Cold Rooms


Similar to walk in freezers, we can install cold rooms that can keep large amounts of produce cool to preserve them for longer. This again can save you money as well as keeping up with health and hygiene regulations.


Refrigerated Cabinets


If you serve food such as sandwiches to customers that need to be kept cool, then our refrigerated cabinets will be perfect for you. We can assess your needs and find the perfect size and specifications to suit you and your business.




Our expertly trained team are able to service and carry out any maintenance on any of our refrigeration equipment. Therefore you can ensure the longevity and sustainability of our products at all times.


So if you’re looking to save yourself money and make an investment that’s crucial to health and hygiene regulations within your business then make sure DBS Services is your first port of call. Contact us via our online form or call us on 01923 246381.