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Summer is the time to ensure that your refrigeration equipment is in good working order. This is particularly true if you are running a restaurant, food outlet, supermarket or a grocery store. Food tends to spoil more easily during summer, especially if the food items are not frozen. The last thing any business or individual would need is customers falling ill due to poorly maintained refrigeration equipment and facilities.

In a commercial setting where food is serviced, refrigeration equipment forms the backbone of the service. It stores perishables and ensures that they can be used without health or sickness risks. If your refrigeration equipment is not serviced and well-maintained, you are risking not just the health of your customers, but also your entire business. So, rather than taking such a huge risk, you should invest some money to ensure that your refrigeration equipment is properly serviced to work optimally this summer.

This is exactly the reason why you can or should rely on us to offer you high-quality refrigeration service and maintenance. We, at DBS Ltd., have several years of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining refrigeration equipment of all brands. We have the experience and skill in carrying out a full retrofit for refrigerant changes; we can rebuild compressors in your premises and rewire motors to ensure that your refrigeration equipment does not fail or work intermittently during the heat of summer months.

At DBS Services, we are skilled in installing, servicing and maintaining commercial refrigeration equipment; be it a walk-in freezer, cold room or refrigerated cabinet. You can rest assured knowing that our technicians have the necessary skills and expertise to carry out the required maintenance and servicing to suit your requirements. Our refrigeration equipment servicing and maintenance is affordable, but we never compromise on the quality of work. So, contact us today and we would love to come and prepare your refrigeration equipment.

We service commercial offices and businesses in Watford, Enfield and the surrounding areas, and believe in offering the best products and components for refrigeration equipment to our customers. Once you use or hire our services, you will realise why our technicians are always in demand in the refrigeration industry. There have been several customers who have got used to our professionalism and efficiency, and has resulted in them not looking beyond us as far as refrigeration equipment service is concerned.