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Posted on by Eddie Barker

Richie has a vast music collection and plans his tea breaks around Radio 2′s Popmaster at 10.30am where he generally score very highly. Richie is also a big West Ham fan.

Richie is a multi-skilled HVAC & refrigeration technician who has now moved into Contract & Project management after 23 years “on the tools”.

Richie says:
I always look to constantly update my core skills and actively seek continuation learning to benefit myself and my fellow operatives from senior management to engineers. Keeping up to date with current standards and legalities only adds value to my core skills and overall efficiency.

I see challenges where others see problems, and have the ability to deal with clients, staff and contractors in an understanding and honest way that reflects my passion for getting it right first time.

As someone who meets personnel from all levels and backgrounds, I am able to communicate clearly with diplomacy and tact. My approach is one of someone who is proactive, understanding and responsive. I am disciplined individual who is loyal to DBS, it’s staff and clients alike.

I am also a member of the Institute of Refrigeration.