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Posted on by Eddie Barker

Dear Steve

Recently we had a problem with a gas leak at Grace House. I placed the call to the service desk and Mark arrived to inspect and found we had a joint leaking on a main gas pipe. My problem was that we could not afford to keep the facilities for which the gas supply served here closed down as our test kitchen was fully booked out.

Mark identified that the pipe needed welding and the following day both Mark and Lewis attended and fully repaired the pipe and placed our gas supply back into service.

I would like to thank both Mark and Lewis for their dedication and skill and speed in which this problem was resolved, I would also like to thank Louise on the service desk for the prompt way in which my call was handled considering the call wasn’t placed until gone 1600hrs!

Yet another fantastic job by DBS and I thought it was only right that you are told so you can pass this email of thanks back to the persons involved

Thank you


Dave Rusher

Facilities Manager

Grace Foods UK Ltd